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Top 5 Affordable Shoe Brands

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

One of my biggest goals for creating this corporate fashion blog is to start a dialogue about the limited availability of affordable quality brands for fashionable corporate work wear. Particularly while I was in law school, I spent so much time searching for business casual outfits. This was partially due to lack of guidance on what was appropriate for the office. But it was also because too few brands could fit into my budget. For guidance, I turned to fashion blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest. I found several inspiring corporate looks that I was hoping to mimic. However, I was often disappointed when each piece linked in those looks cost several hundred dollars. How was I supposed to gather at least one or two weeks' worth of business casual outfits--while also trying to find my own style through trial and error--on the budget of a law student? Other than desperately searching for inspiration online, I only knew of stores like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and J. Crew that would have business casual clothes. And each dress or pair of shoes I picked up from those stores was also well over $100. While I definitely shop at stores like Ann Taylor, I've picked up a few tips along the way to shop more affordably. So today I want to share my top 5 favorite affordable shoe brands and a few of my favorite styles. Each brand carries a variety of cute classic heels for under $50, and they can all be found at DSW.

Chinese Laundry--I love this brand. They carry classic 3" heels in black and nude, as well as a few in grey and red that I love. My favorite heel they are currently selling at DSW is the Racquel Pump. Pointed toe pumps are my go-to; they always feel so empowering to me. And I love the thick straps crossed through the center; it's surprising how much more supportive and comfortable heels can be with a little strap.

Journee Collection--This brand carries a lot of great classic heels and flats. But they also carry a few styles that are less classic and more trendy. The Zinia Pump is a great example (pictured below). If you want to try out new styles or trends, Journee is a great brand to give it a try on a budget.

Kelly & Katie--This brand just makes me so happy. They carry so many variations of classic pumps in different heel heights. Not only do they carry the classic neutral colors but they also carry fun seasonal colors as well! I absolutely love this Rosewell Pump (carried in 5 colors!) and its block heel.

I also love this Elannah Pump (available in 3 colors) for those days when tall heels are just not an option.

Mix No. 6--This brand carries several work shoes that are under $40. I'm a v big fan. The Zaliva Pump is a great heel for those power shoe days. These shoes are tall (standing at 4"), but the cupped heel and the ankle strap make it a more supportive shoe than you would expect. Also, it's currently on sale in white for $34.98!

And I absolutely love the Layria Mule. I have this slip-on in white and black. And I keep a pair at the office for those days when I would rather be barefoot at work.

Unisa--This is my all time favorite affordable brand for work shoes! They have a ton of variety in style, heel height, and colors. My two favorites are the Amabelle Pump and the Yumaz Pump. The Amabelle Pump is such a cute style with the ties in front, and it comes in 5 colors.

And the Yumaz Pump is a classic slingback pump, and Unisa carries it in 6 colors!

Happy shopping! I hope you love these brands as much as I do. Xo, Pax

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