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Law school graduation photos are suppose

Hi there, my name is Paxton Lewis. I'm 25 years old. And I'm an intellectual property attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. In other words, I am a young female navigating the waters of the corporate world in a particularly male-dominant profession. That territory brings a number of challenges to the working woman. And thanks to my mom (who is the best role model ever) continuously educating and sharing with me the challenges she has faced, I mostly knew what to expect and what I wanted to change (and thank you to all the amazing women and men who have pushed for that change over the past 50 years). But what I didn't anticipate were the challenges women would face to "simply" dress the part of a business professional. Yes, corporate fashion might seem like a minor issue. But haven't we all been told that we need to dress the part to play the part? Or to fake it 'til we make it? Etc. Well, in my opinion, corporate fashion is one avenue that business professionals assert their confidence and establish that they are qualified. And it is a way that we can share our unique personalities. It is also an area of guidance that is currently lacking for women. So I'm not sure I have a ton of "guidance" to give, but I would love to share my own experiences and hope that others can learn from those experiences.

With that, this blog is a place that I will share my corporate fashion style, the places I shop, the struggles I experience, the tips I've picked up along the way, etc. If there is anything in particular that you want to see or any questions that you have, please feel free to share! 

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