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Where Have I Been?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Hi everyone,

Remember back on New Year's Eve when I committed to writing more blog posts? Haha. Clearly I flopped a bit on that commitment. So I'm writing today to tell you why and to revise my commitment to you (and to myself).

As you may or may not know, I am an attorney specializing in intellectual property law and complex litigation. I feel extremely blessed to be one of those people who lucked out and absolutely loves their job. I actively chose and committed myself to a career in intellectual property law because I thrive on intellectual stimulation, I love solving problems, and I am driven by puzzles & legal strategy. But I also knew that my career choice might mean that sometimes my time would not be my own--that my schedule might unexpectedly change and I wouldn't be able to keep a consistent 9 to 5 type of schedule. So, as much as I have wanted to write and post more in the past few months, my time has been limited due to a chaotic work schedule and a need for some decompression time when my schedule had calmed down a little bit.

And my original commitment to writing more blog posts was a little too unrealistic in light of my career. I think my failure to accomplish my original commitment held me back from blogging at all, even though blogging sometimes would be better than not blogging at all. I miss writing and I want to share more about women's work wear and my experiences as I have started my career. So I am committed to writing more and posting more. It just might be not be a perfectly scheduled system. Some weeks I might write more than others. Some weeks I might not write at all. But I am committing myself to writing an average of at least one post every week.

With all the college graduations over the past month in mind, I have been inspired to focus a few posts on integrating yourself into the corporate work world and I can't wait to share my thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with you.

Here's a look at one of my favorite dresses in the meantime and it's only $32.99 on Amazon! I'll post more about my favorite Amazon choices soon. <3

Thank you for reading along and I will post again very soon!

Xo, Pax

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