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The Pantyhose Problem

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

You have an interview today. Your interview outfit consists of your best suit and button down shirt. You confidently choose pencil skirt over pants. But then you remember that the formality of your interview demands the addition of pantyhose and you second-guess your preference for a pencil skirt. Why? Not only can hosiery be uncomfortable but you run the risk of that high probability of finding a run in your tights. And there is little worse than trying to meet the expectations of an interview and having your professional pantyhose transition into [in]formal fishnets.

This is a problem I have faced a number of times. Whether it's the discovery of a run in my tights mid-interview or on my way to a client meeting, it is endlessly frustrating to spend $20-30 on a pair of tights and to feel confident and composed in my best business outfit only to then feel a bit defeated when my pantyhose have snagged or run up the back of my leg (and especially when they're trashed before I've even left the house). I'll fully admit that I'm tough on my tights. But who isn't? We are busy bad ass women. We are on the go--owning our boss jobs while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, running from meetings to social events, increasing our efficiency in order to better balance our lives, and all while wearing a 3.5 inch stiletto pump. The last thing we should need to consider is living a more careful life to protect our oh-so delicate pantyhose.

So I thought that spending more money would result in a pair of tights with a little more resilience. But luckily that is not the case. Although at the time it was disappointing to discover that draining my shopping budget on tights would not increase my chances of finding a dependable pair of pantyhose, it fortunately led to my "screw it" mentality and eventual enlightenment that cheaper tights were actually way better! In an emergent moment, I stopped by Walgreens to replace the pair of tights I had just ruined and by chance I bought my now favorite (and realistically only choice) pair of tights.

L'eggs Silken Mist Control Top, Silky Sheer Leg pantyhose are reliable tights that almost never run even when I'm on the go. The control top is surprisingly comfortable, the hosiery is wonderfully durable, and the cost is happily affordable. I typically wear the Nude or Black Mist, as pictured above, in a size B (I'm 5'2", 120 pounds, and typically a size 0 or 2 if that helps). I can't stress enough how relieving it is to erase this small but mighty worry from my mind. And I hope that sharing this will erase that stressful factor for you as well! This is not an ad, but simply something I want to share with all my fellow amazing pantyhose-wearing women.

Thanks for reading! Xo, Pax

P.S. Hanes often has online deals to buy a pair of tights for about $5, so I'll share those deals when I see them!

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