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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone (or New Year's Day if you're a few time zones ahead of me)! I'm not one for reflecting on the past simply because it is the last day of the year or one for making resolutions simply because it is the first day of the new year. But I am--simultaneously--the person who continuously reflects on my accomplishments/struggles and makes goals for the future. I make to do lists almost every single day with goals and deadlines for that day, week, month, etc. Sometimes those lists are directed at personal goals or errands. Other times my lists are more focused on work deadlines. And other other times these lists simply consist of concepts or ideas that I question or want to implement. But the underlying foundation for all my lists is my determination to complete the task (resulting in the inexplicable satisfaction of drawing a line through that action item, hahaha--clearly I'm a tad bit type A).

So as an accountability measure, I wanted to share a very important to do list with you all. That is my list of goals to accomplish in the upcoming year regarding my work wear fashion IG and blog. I want to emphasize that these goals have nothing to do with New Year's resolutions and instead have everything to do with the infinitely valuable conversations I have had with women in the workplace or women entering into the workplace. I started this blog and IG account in early October after several friends had reached out asking for advice on how to dress in the workplace. My immediate reaction was to search for influencers that could share tips on business casual fashion for style, affordability, and availability. I was shocked and a bit disheartened when I realized how few fashion influencers directed even a small portion of their content towards work wear fashion. While there are a few influencers who focus on style for women in the workplace, that number is small (and interestingly enough, so few are based in the United States). So--despite my extreme discomfort in doing so--I started this blog and my pinkpantsuitsociety IG account in an effort to become a catalyst for increasing exposure to the issues women face in the workplace, including the assumptions we fight and the struggles we suppress even related to something as "minor" as obtaining comparable options to men when it comes to business fashion.

With that, I want to share with you my goals to become that catalyst--

1. Publish blog posts 3 times per week that focus on women's business fashion, the brands I wear, the struggles I have, the advice I [might] have, etc.

2. Share imperfect content that is not driven by likes or followers but is instead driven by my daily reality and the likely reality most women (and men) face in the corporate world, meaning I will share the days I hate my outfits, wear no makeup, and/or simply feel negative/fussy about my physical appearance.

3. Collaborate with other women (and men!) who are trying to share a similar message.

4. Post my outfits on IG 4 times per week.

5. Search for more brands that sell affordable business clothes for women and share those brands with you.

6. Listen to the concerns, advice, requests, and feedback that you may have regarding content I should share.

This is my list. But this isn't just mine. It is yours too. It is every woman's list that shares, hopes to share, or relates to the struggles and accomplishments I discuss. I am open to adding, removing, or revising anything on this list based on your suggestions. I share this list of goals not only as an accountability tactic but also as a vulnerability measure. I know it is not always easy to openly identify the ways women struggle in the workplace, especially when they seem so "minor." But I am happy to share the "little" things we may struggle with as we develop our trade, reputation, and title in the workplace.

Happy New Year! Cheers to your limitless hard work, passion, and support! Xo, Pax

P.S. My shirt is from Ann Taylor, skirt is from Madewell, shoes are from Bershka (only $20!) linked here, and earrings are from Zil Jewelry. The shirt and skirt are old, but I'll share some similar items soon. As for my earrings, they are from a local store (and owner) that I LOVE. Check out her beautiful jewelry here.

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