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A Fitting First Outfit

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

So clearly a pink pantsuit was kind of a necessary first outfit post with the name I've chosen for my corporate fashion blog and Instagram (thank you Mandie for brainstorming and helping me pick this phenomenal name). But my chosen name is not about creating a Legally Blonde-esque fashion blog of pink business outfits. I chose "pink pantsuit society" for a few reasons, which will become thematically clear through my future posts. First, this connection between being female and loving everything pink is pretty dumb. It was actually the reason I hated wearing pink for so long. But then I realized men wear pink, pink is pretty, and f off to everybody who says pink is "girly." Pink is f-ing bold and powerful. And I'd love to see a man wear a pink pantsuit into a client meeting and own it (bahaha). Plus I love the irony of the color pink (freaking bold v. delicate flower). Second, I really wanted to name my blog "glass ceiling society," but that was already taken. And as an IP attorney, I could never ethically use the same trademark as another badass woman who is sharing her corporate fashion and I'd rather promote her (so check out her Instagram, plus kudos to the best corporate fashion blog name ever).

And that leads me to the third and most important reason I am claiming "pink pantsuit society": Corporate women are a bold badass pantsuit-wearing clan that capture being feminine and "dominant" (aka confident) simultaneously, and I'm in freaking awe of all of you, and I have the biggest girl crush on every single one of you pushing to own your career. I know that fashion is such a minor part of our efforts to establish ourselves in the workplace. But I also know that every single one of us gets up in the morning, stares at our closets of uniforms, and sighs of boredom/frustration/monotony when we put on the almost-identical outfit as yesterday because we don't know what to wear and "this'll work." I want to break through that cycle and I want to do it in an affordable manner. The concept of spending hundreds of dollars on one outfit is unimaginable to the average working woman. It was definitely unimaginable to me as a law student trying to buy my first business casual wardrobe (which also cost many many tears).

My own struggles motivated me to find ways to make corporate fashion more affordable as well as to create a corporate fashion style that was uniquely me. So here I am: uniquely me, extremely awkward in front of a camera, and ready to share my personal corporate fashion as well as every struggle, lesson, and tip I've learned in the process of finding my own sense of style in the corporate world. I look forward to sharing it all with you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I especially hope to bring attention to the concerning industrial gap in affordable corporate fashion for women in the workplace (just Google "bespoke clothing" and if your city has more than "men's clothing store" or pictures of men, let me know because I'm moving in).

Thank you for reading along, and I really hope my little bit of effort can help 1) you figure out what to wear to work; 2) the workplace understand that even "nominal" issues create substantial challenges for women; and 3) the fashion industry recognize that there is a huge market for affordable corporate fashion (that doesn't look like your mom's pantsuit from 1978).

Also! My suit and top are from Zara (size 2). The suit is from their "Basic" collection, which is my favorite because you can buy a full suit for under $100. The suit jackets are $50 and the pants are $35. And I often find them on sale! Plus they're fun to mismatch with if you can collect a few over time. Shoes are from DSW.

More posts coming soon! Thanks for reading! Xo, Pax

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